Monday, October 28, 2013

Serviced Office Space with Live Virtual Receptionist

I found it amusing to read recently that a hologram had replaced a human receptionist at the front desk of a London town hall.   I can not imagine a hologram dealing with some of the issues that arise at the Executive Office Center's very busy reception desk...
A prospective tenant examines the receptionist of the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows to see if she is a hologram.
My name is Michelle.  I assure you, sir, I am not a hologram.

By Jack Blumner
Illustrated by Mike Malbrough

Monday, October 21, 2013

Virtual Office Pet Sitting Services

We're all pet lovers at the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows. I used to bring my Golden Retriever to the office with me every day, my old buddy, Mooks. It's great when someone shows up in the lobby with a little pooch. We try to accommodate our tenants and their clients in every way possible, but the situation below stretched the limits of our tolerance...
Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows Director Mary Abrams watches a pet for one of the Executive Center's tenants.
Aren't you a good dog, Brutus, for waiting so patiently for your master. Good dog, Brutus...good dog...

Monday, October 14, 2013

NY Virtual Office Services for Baby Boomers

My sixtieth birthday caught  me by surprise last month.  I looked into the mirror and said to the balding, gray haired man looking back at me, "Who are you?!"  One of my children gave me a birthday card that began, "Dear dad, too bad your old buddies, the pterodactyls and T-Rex's aren't around anymore."  Real nice. There's some consolation in the fact that many of our tenants at the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows are esteemed professionals in the same age range...

A baby boomer tours the Executive Office Center with Associate Director, Mary Abrams,
I'm sure you noticed the on-hold Beatles music when you called.  We also have episodes of Giligan's Island on the TV in the cafeteria, and a cardiac specialist on hand for coronary emergencies.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Jewish Mother Virtual Office Services

Mary Abrams, Associate Director of the Executive Office Center of Fresh Meadows and her assistant, Michelle, truly watch out for the best interest of our tenants.  It's mid-October and it's starting to get chilly here in New York...

Executive Office Center demands that tenant dress appropriately for the weather
Mr. Cheung, you're not leaving the office like that! Get back here this instant and put on a sweater!